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Wind Report Has Hit 10,000 Models Run

New Roots Energy is excited about the growing popularity of WIND REPORT as the standard for Wind Turbine Modelers. We are also happy to announce that as of February 23rd, 2011, WIND REPORT has hit 10,000 models run. In fact, at the rate we are going now, there will have been 20,000 models run by August of this year. Thanks goes out to WIND REPORT users who have made this possible!

We are constantly striving to make WIND REPORT more useful and more user-friendly. We are considering adding Canada and the UK to our territory (Turbine Production already works everywhere), working on a Consumer Tool, which will help connect consumers to manufacturers, and putting together a quarterly Wind Analytics Report, customized for each licensee.

Our users’ suggestions are the engines that run the improvements we make to WIND REPORT, so please feel free to tell us what you think or ask questions at: