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Wind Report is a subscription based online tool that eliminates the need to download or install software, providing instant access to your entire team. Key functionality and benefits of Wind Report includes:

  • Self-populating wind speeds using 3Tier wind layer data
  • Lat/Long positioning and report visualization using Bing Maps
  • Calculation of federal, state and utility incentives for the entire United States
  • Power production calculation using manufacturer verified power curves
  • Accurate financial and equipment configuration comparisons
  • Presentation ready reports for end users, CFOs and CPAs
  • Low cost subscription, which is affordable and effective for businesses of any size
  • Marketing analytics, and network accountability and auditing
  • Customization and licensing available for manufacturers, distributors, utilities, and state energy departments

For Consumers

For the Wind Energy Enthusiast who needs to know how much electricity they can produce at their site.

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For Businesses

For Wind Turbine Dealers and Installers who need a detailed Turbine Production and Financial Analysis report they can present to potential customers.

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